GENRE: Comedy (live action)

MKERRY GLITCHMAS is an origin story for Mrs. Claus where instead of some sweet-natured nonentity, she's a supervillain! Her power? All of the same types of glitches that you see in electronics she can cause in people! She's had a grudge against Santa since getting undeserved coal in her stocking at the age of 5—but that's when she started having her superpower. The story is all about who she is and how she changes to ultimately become Santa's wife in a North Pole that starts off a junkland thanks to Santa's international group of elves who never throw anything out—until Glitch gives them a makeover.

REVIEW:   Merry Glitchmas is a magical Christmas tale with a superpowered twist—we finally get a story about Mrs. Claus, and it turns out she’s a supervillain! The concept is fun and imaginative, and the script delivers on the promise of the premise with an effective blend of comedy and heart that takes distinct, memorable characters on meaningful journeys from self-imposed isolation to open hearts full of love and Christmas spirit. The writer has a light, enjoyable writing style and is able to take two well‐loved genres and blend them in a unique way, throwing in some fun twists on common tropes.

- The Story Mechanic


GENRE: Comedy Horror

LOGLINE: The night before their divorce is final, married ghost hunters are trapped with a spirit who's determined to get them back together again even if he has to kill them to do it!

REVIEW:  The Fright Before Christmas is a fun, tightly written genre mash‐up with entertaining gags, snappy banter, and a sweet ending. The writer manages to simultaneously tell a heartwarming Christmas story and pull off a raucous horror comedy in one fell swoop, with some classic literature nods to boot. The way Sean’s ability manifests offers numerous opportunities for ridiculous situations, and it’s easy to relate to stresses it causes in his relationship with Jen. Both characters manage to be witty and competent in their own way, even when fighting, and the conflict between them is handled in a way that enhances the mood rather than bringing it down. The supernatural supporting cast is quirky and enjoyable, rounding out a well‐told story with a small cast and limited locations.

- The Story Mechanic