Who knew one lump of coal could cause so much trouble?

Bitter from childhood coal, supervillain Glitch steals Santa's toys mere days before Christmas. But when the child-fearing Santa replaces them fast, Glitch brings a young girl to the North Pole to sabotage him from within.  Glitch succeeds!

It’s toy Armageddon. Then Santa’s thrown in jail!

Santa and the elves get embroiled in a toy riot and lands them in jail. Glitch didn’t expect to be trapped with them! Escaping brings the North Pole group together—until the girl disappears and Glitch loses Santa’s toys trying to get her back. Christmas Eve hits with no toys and a child in trouble.

Santa and Glitch must work together. But is it too late?


Want to break up a couple and willing to pay?

A greedy divorce lawyer is thrilled to find a cruise for passengers others want broken up—-until he sees his parents board. He’ll lose his inheritance if they split. There’s only one option.

He’ll have to play cupid.

The lawyer tricks his way on board to keep his parents together. But between cross-dressing to escape discovery and the captain’s devious daughter, he’s losing on every front, including his heart. He’ll have to lead a Valentine’s Day mutiny against the crew.

But will it cost him the love he was lured there to find?


Trapped with an insane ghost and your soon-to-be ex. What could go wrong?

Who cares if it’s the ghost that inspired The Christmas Carol? Sick of the spirit that haunts his country cottage, a judge gives husband-wife ghost hunters an ultimatum. He’ll only approve their divorce if they get rid of it Christmas Eve.

It’s marriage therapy ghost-style.

This ghost is more apt to turn unwanted visitors into ornaments than play Christmas tour guide. One thing is certain—-they’re getting back together.

But will it be as decorations on a tree?